Developing Innovative Information Platforms

Security and Information to the people

We seek to create a globally interconnected network that brings security and information to people through the innovative use of a proven, low-cost technology.

Interconnected Network

To create an innovative emergency network among neighboring countries to provide critical post-disaster information.

Security and Information

Provide security to people with post-disaster information in a persistent, reliable and real-time way.


Using the radio infrastructures create synergy between the emergency agencies.

Innovative Technology

Own technology with diverse industrial applications such as mining and agriculture, military applications and advertising.


Mobile Emergency Information System

S!E is an Emergency Information System that, through the frequency of radio waves, as a distribution channel, manages to send post-catastrophe information in a persistent, reliable and real time way to the affected people without internet or mobile networks, using a mobile application on their smartphones to receive messages encoded from the audio of the radio, which travel imperceptibly to the human ear parallel to the usual radial programming.

In this way S!E seeks to help inform the population, reaching where other technologies can not, providing calm and security to all Chilean families.

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Felipe Acevedo

Chief Operating Officer


Barbarita Lara

Chief Executive Officer


Roberto Carvajal

Chief Technology Officer

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Carla Valle

Human Resource Management


Diego González

Developer & Co-Founder

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María Soledad Quintana

Chief Financial Officer

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